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We Are Family

By | December 2011
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are family
Restine Jackson
September 30, 2011
Genl 397 Seminar in the Visual Arts
Dr. Arlene Sehat

“We are Family”
By the Jackson Family
August 25, 2011
14 x 10

The painting “We are Family” was created on August 25, 2011 by my wife, Sherell and our two children, Dilan and Kaylin, along with myself/. While we are not by any means professional artists, we did create this painting as an expression of our life, lineage, and love for one another. Within this painting you will see that we explored the visual elements of warm vs. cool colors while at the same time creating space and depth using the process of overlapping and size.

This painting uses the basic elements of the ancient art of finger painting. Finger paint as an art education medium was originally formulated by the American educator Ruth Faison Shaw in Rome, Italy in 1931. Ruth Faison Shaw (1888-1969), educator, art therapist, artist, writer and lecturer, accidentally rediscovered the ancient technique of finger painting in 1926 in Rome, Italy, and integrated her technique into education and psychiatric therapy. Shaw used finger painting as a creative tool in the education of her students at the Shaw School in Rome, Italy. She believed that finger painting was a democratic art form and later employed it while working with delinquents, veterans, the mentally ill, the physically handicapped, the blind, and the aged. Shaw believed that everyone is an artist and that the creative act is an integral part of every healthy personality. Both artists and educators sought her expertise and counsel. Ruth Faison Shaw reinvented the art of finger painting and integrated it into early twentieth-century art education and psychiatric therapy (Marable). In 1926, a student from the Italian royal family, Leonardo, accidentally cut his finger in class and Shaw sent him to the bathroom with iodine to treat his wound. When he did not return, she went to find him and discovered that he was in the bathroom...

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