We All Walk in Different Shoes

Topics: Woman, Chemotherapy, Beauty Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: February 2, 2012

“We all walk in different shoes”, is the motto of an ad that is used for baldisbeautiful.org & KennethCole.com of Sharon Blynn writer, actor and founder of Bald is Beautiful.org and it is also an advertisement for Kenneth Cole (American clothing designer) clothing line. The advertisement for both the clothing line and the bald is beautiful.org was in Sunday papers in 2008. American clothing designer Kenneth Cole uses his socially conscious advertising to challenge consumers to examine their assumptions. He is also the author of Inspiring Stories about How to Make a Difference; a book that was wrote to encourage consumers to work for social change. Sharon Blynn (writer, actor, and founder baldisbeautiful.org) is used for Kenneth Cole’s ad because she has taken the step to let women try to find the beauty and joy in the road ahead in the battle of the ovarian cancer that they may be facing. This ad (We all walk in different shoes) is also in our textbook (everything’s an argument) the ad is used as an example in making a visual argument.

The ad (We all walk in different shoes) is targeted to many women in a few different categories such as looking for the latest line of clothing , or if they are facing the battle of ovarian cancer. This ad (We all walk in different shoes) portrays a beautiful happy woman with a big smile on her face, she has her head shaved bald, dressed in a the latest style of a black casual outfit with the latest style of shoes. Many people when they see an ad like this they are thinking, “What is a beautiful woman like this doing with her head shaved?” Many times the media will use an ad such as Sharon’s that is portraying a bald, happy woman to get the attention of many different viewers. The nature of humans is to look and immediately make a judgment of the picture that is portraying before them. We all need to look at the title of the ad “We all walk in different shoes,” and see the true...
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