We All Have a Lot to Learn

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Stephanie Rodriguez
March 20, 2012
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Unit 2A Final Draft
Unit 2
We All Have A Lot To Learn
Fareed, Zakaria. “We All Have A Lot To Learn.” The Daily Beast. Daily Beast, 08 Jan. 2006. Web. 6 Mar.2012.
Education in many countries is different. Many countries depend on the education to move their people forward and many others don’t really care about giving their people education. Its amazing what some people would do when they realize their country is a failure when it comes to education. Unlike other countries, education in the United States is unequal because we aren’t globally competitive.

In an article by Fareed Zakaria named We All Have A Lot to Learn, he states that in a conference meeting in the Indian Institute of Science in Banglore there was a horrific accident where a gunman walked in and tossed grenades into the audience but when the grenades failed he loaded his AK-47 and shot several shots into the crowd. One of the retired mathematical professors was shot and killed and this incident made everyone think about the target, which wasn’t the professor but the brains and knowledge of the institution. The gunman knew that India’s strength was their education and really strong in science and technology (par 1).

When traveling to Asia he realized the reason why education is so important to countries like India, the lack of natural resources, all they have to rely on is the people they have in their countries to get them to a better tomorrow by educating them in new knowledge. China is one of the most educated and more advanced countries in the world and when asked about their future plans for better growth their answer is they increased college and university prices because many are being educated in mathematics and science.
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