We All Fall Down

Topics: English-language films, Laughter, Laughter in animals Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: April 30, 2013
It was Monday, and I was glad to be back in school. Nothing was better than hearing the laughter of my fellow classmates who had no idea about the real me. I was walking, or rather, limping to my next class. Last night was a rough night, and my leg was proof of that, but my father, being the smart man he was, had called in to the front office of the small Wasson High School and said I had fallen down the stairs and gotten injured. My first class was music theory. It was one of my favorites, only because I could listen to my Ipod, my only personal possession. There were also some guys who I got along with in that class and we would often goof off. With the few friends I had I would often feel like a normal kid just having fun. So for the first few minutes of class we just talked while the teacher tried to get us started on our assignments, and after working for the first hour of class, the teacher gave us free reign of the room since we had an extra thirty minutes, due to the new block schedule. I put my book away, walked over, and joined my friends. It included Alex, a gay black guy that could make anyone laugh, Dustin, a super tall guy with blond hair who was a very interesting person, Semi , a Jewish guy who was such a dork he was actually cool, and me, Aiden, a very small guy who had some great talents and some very dark secrets. It almost made me laugh, that for all the years I'd known them, they hadn't even guessed my predicament. So we spent the rest of the class talking about things any teenager would and I would put on a totally different face and try to absorb the moments in which I could feel at least half way normal. Body 1
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