Topics: Marriage, Gender, Family Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Firstly, one inequality between a husband and a wife could be the wives nurturing/emotional side. The functionalist and new right view on housework states that women should be responsible for being housewives as they have a nurturing character, they also argue that men are natural bread winners and that is how it is meant to be. They go on to state how both roles are important and that both husbands and wives should have responsibility for just one shift. Feminists say that men need to take more responsibility for housework, and that the burden left on women is unfair, this is in contracts to functionalists. Feminists also suggest that women do everything around the house and men need to take a bigger role, this view shows allot of inequality as it is seen to be extremely unfair on women/wives. The Triple Shift also is about the women’s emotional side to running a family, the triple shift is where the wife completes paid work, housework and runs the emotional side of the family. The emotional side of the family includes providing ‘a shoulder to cry on’ for the rest of the family and keeping the family happy. Another inequality would be the amount of housework done by wives. Women still seem to do majority of housework and childcare, even if they are in paid employment, men are more likely to ‘help out’ rather than split the work equally, this has been found out by a number of studies which include; Jonathon Gershunny, who found out that women that work do less housework than full-time housewives, but still do significantly more than men. Lydia Morris who studied families where the husband is unemployed and the wife works, and she fund that the men do a little more housework than they would if they were working, but didn’t do a significant amount as they thought it would threaten there masculinity. Decision-Making is another inequality between husband and wives, it seems that men have the most say on big decision making in families, for example deciding on......
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