Wbs Work Breakdown Structure

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


Kathy Kudler, the Founder, continues to take a major role in the store operation. Kudler Fine Foods took a six month planning period before the project start. The stores organizational structure, while very personal, is a perfect picture of organizational structure.

This structure clusters people with similar skills into the same department. Kudler simplifies this by incorporating different departments into a single whole, Kudler fine foods. These departments include President, Store managers, Department Managers, Specialty Department Workers, Stock persons, Cashiers, and Baggers.

The president of Kudler’s fine food is able to is able to guarantee that all subdivisions are working to accomplish the same objective. This paper will demonstrate how KFF can benefit from a WBS.

Store Manager

In this modern world, a Manger must have a plethora of skillsets. The manager must be flexible, passionate, decisive, and ethical. KFF markets are very technical. Therefore managers must be adaptive, time Conesus, and responsive. Before the technical age a more methodical approach was acceptable for managers. Now a store manager is not only responsible for the day-to-day operations but also the technological aspects of the entire store. The manager must maintain constant control of the technology through use of IT specialist or lose control of the entire store.

The store manager reports to a district manager. The store managers’ job includes Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Development, Payroll, and scheduling. The final say on customer service is the Store manager’s responsibility. The store manager receives feedback from customers, and may need to intervene between employees and customer disputes. The manager may also make exceptions to store policies, but is mainly required to enforce policies set by the main company. Through more training and effort, managers can allow employees’ to exercise their...
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