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Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Management Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: March 9, 2013
(a) Breaking down a project into manageable jobs, work packages or activities falls under project time management in project management. Activities are firstly defined, sequenced, resources required estimated, the duration estimated, schedule developed and finally control the schedule. As noted earlier, these processes form project time management. It can be argued that successful project management depends on the ability of the project manager to breakdown a project into manageable activities so that everything becomes decomposed, clear and simplified. However, breaking down a project into manageable jobs or activities cannot be entirely said to be the success of projects. Project management involves other process or knowledge areas like scope management, cost management, risk management among others which work together as the nine knowledge areas for the success of any project. As a project manager, it is critical to breakdown any given project into manageable jobs, work packages or activities. An activity can be noted as an action taken in pursuit of a project objective. It is from the activities that a project can be visible, what needs to be done and makes easy to measure progress, celebrate milestones in order to reach objectives and finally the intended goal. Therefore a project manager should have the required skills in time management for the success of any project. In breaking down a project into activities, a project manager needs to firstly define the activity or activities. This process involves identifying the specific actions to be performed to produce the project deliverable. It can be argued that this stage or process is critical because every work to follow thereafter follows this process. For instance if it is building a shopping complex like Joina City as the project, the specific actions to be performed had to be identified and clear like applying for the stand, architectural drawings and plans, digging the foundation, erecting the slab inter...
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