Ways Tostay Fit

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David Farrow
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March, 11, 2013
Staying In Shape Research Paper
“How do I lose all this fat?” “How do I get a six pack of abs like the MMA fighters I watch on T.V.?” After reading this paper you will have answers to questions like these. You may even find some things you are doing are not healthy, or you may find ways to becoming healthier.

What is fitness or being in shape? Well, it is a state of well-being, evidenced by vitality, maximized physical potential, health, strength, and a robust shapely body. Our society however, has changed the way fitness is viewed. If I’m not sick then I must be in shape. Wrong!

Over the past few generations, our society has transformed from the active, exercise-intense lifestyle that we once believed so heavily in, into being lazy is now ok. How many of you when you are done eating something, set the plate down and say, “I’ll get it later.” Well folks that is called laziness. We all have times where we are lazy. But this should not stop us from remaining active in our lifestyle. We now consider it O.K. to have a minimally functional, weak body. We seem happy to just maintain ourselves just enough so we aren’t sick. There is even a new word for this. We call it "Wellness". So many people are happy to say, “Nope I’m not sick, I’m in great shape.” All the while their belly hangs out so far to where they can hardly see their toes. We have lowered our physical expectations, and focused our attention on not being “sick”. Now our society is struggling just to not be sick. (Staying Fit.livingstrong.com, Retrived 3/11/13, from http://www.livingstrong.org/FitnessFacts.htm)

This paper is being written to maybe encourage people or just make them see that hey I’m not as fit as I can be. Did you know, Canada’s healthcare system could save almost 5$ billion if there population would increase their activity by just 10%. (© City of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada 2013)

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