Ways to Spend Leisure Time Wisely

Topics: Personal life, Health, Hobby Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Everybody is having a busy life. But then, there is leisure time for us to spend. Leisure time is set aside for relaxation. There can be useful yet exciting ways to spend our leisure. Some suggestions include reading, doing exercise as well as charity work.

Firstly, one of the most effective ways to spend our leisure is reading. Reading can improve our language, grammar and vocabulary skills, thus enhancing our writing skills. By reading extensively, we will be knowledgeable as it improves our general knowledge. It gives us insights into our life. Besides, we can learn a lot about other countries, their cultures and people without travelling to those places. As a saying goes "reading is a kind of feast". It shows that we obtain great pleasure through reading. It can also equip us with inner resources.

Other than reading, we can spend our leisure doing exercise. Doing exercise help us to flush out the toxin during respiration. It is a good way to relieve stress and repel illness. By doing exercise, we can clear our mind and that make us healthier. It can be concluded that we can stay in the pink of health by doing exercise.

Furthermore, doing charity work in our leisure time is also one of the rewarding pastime. It is a fantastic way to spend our leisure time by signing up at the homes for disabled, the blind and the aged. With that, by making others happy while doing good deeds, we are making ourselves happy. It is like killing two birds with a stone.

In a nutshell, it is vital to spend our leisure time wisely so as to live a meaningful life.
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