Ways to Promote Indonesian Tourism in Abroad

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Name: Nabilla Utami Dhiya Rahmani (Faculty of Law)
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Ways to promote Indonesian tourism in abroad.
Indonesia is a really huge country with also “huge” cultures. Indonesia is also known as the world’s largest archipelago state consisting of thousands of islands. This also leads to the fact that Indonesia as a country which is rich of its nature and historical heritages, has to rely on its natural wealth to develop its economic condition as a developing country because by utilizing its nature, managing and promoting its nature in a good way as a tourism site or introducing great cultures to the foreigners inside or outside Indonesia, can be a significant source of Indonesia’s foreign exchange revenues. Nowadays tourism industry has shown up fierce competition among the nations, every country is on fire promoting their country’s tourism in a unique way. We can see their slogans on TV ads all over the world, magazines or even radios. Like we know that Malaysia had “Malaysia Truly Asia”, Singapore with their “Your Singapore”, Thailand’s “Amazing Thailand” and Indonesia with “Wonderful Indonesia” slogan. But all of them are big examples of promoting a country’s tourism held by a government. Frankly, we can promote our country’s, which is Indonesia, tourism in a simpler yet meaningful ways such as: 1. Proud of Indonesian tourism

Every successful thing starts from the smallest thing. We can promote Indonesian tourism abroad starting from ourselves. Firstly we have to embed the pride over Indonesian cultures and tourism in ourselves. It means that we really have to understand our own culture, so when people ask us about Indonesian tourism or culture, we can convince them about the greatness of Indonesian tourism and cultures. We can also wear Indonesian original stuffs wherever we go, like wearing batik or blangkon or even dress made of palembang’s songket when we go abroad, and not only it but also we can promote Indonesian tourism by...
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