Ways to Practice Green Living

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  • Published : August 1, 2011
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Ways to Practice Green Living. Many ideas have been implemented to conserve the environment, with little success. Most of these ideas are focusing on industries and power sources, all manufacturing products in order to sustain the growing population however, as the population outbursts the supply, new ways to conserve the environment had to be put in place. One of them is ‘practicing green living.’ Borker, R. (2011) defines green living as ‘habits one puts in action in order to lessen pressure exerted on the resources in the environment and the usage of these depleting resources.’ One can practice green living by adopting same of these habits which include eco-shopping, saving resources and using eco-friendly transportation. First, eco-shopping is a way to practice green living. Consumers define what kind of products should be produced so, when consumers switch to consuming products that have less impact on the environment the industries will have to adjust to. For example, buying organic and local foods, the damage caused by manufactured food will be reduced. Next is the textile industry, Stated by Coleman, (2011) as the 'elephant in the room,’ is one of the major forces behind excessive water use and the introduction of toxic chemicals into the environment; Therefore, switching from synthetic to natural fibers is a step in practicing green living. Switch also to energy efficient appliances since they have less energy consumption then ordinary appliances. The energy industry has a big percentage in the pollution of our environment, but with this switch the damage would be reduced. Secondly, saving resources can be a huge leap in practicing green living. Most resources in the world are non-renewable; for example, gas. One of the world’s most consumed resource, but if consumers could switch to renewable resources like solar, this dependence on gas would drop. Next, save water by being conscious on how...
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