Ways to over Come Barriers to Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interactions in Health and Social Care P4

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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P4/Unit 1. Shannon Dadds

There is certain barriers to communication and interpersonal interaction, but there are ways to overcome these barriers.

Language differences:
If a patient does not talk English, English is not their first language or have an accent, to overcome these barriers you could use translators for people who don’t speak English or ask if a family member of the patient could translate for you. For a patient who has a different accent you could speak slower and use simple terms and words and ask the person if they have understood you.

Hearing Impairment :
If a patient is death, you could ask a family member if they can lip read, if they can you should make your mouth movements more bigger and make sure you pronounce the word properly if the patient cant, then you should have someone who could speak sign language on standby to translate what you are saying.

If a patient has hearing difficulties, then you should speak louder and have slower mouth movements and talk slower, you should also ask the patient if they have understood what you have said after. If this doesn’t work you could move to a quieter area and make sure no noise is going to get in-between your communication towards the patient.

Cultural Barriers:
Some groups of words, phrases, symbols, actions and colours mean different things to people of different countries and cultural backgrounds, to stop this from effecting your communication you could get an interpreter who could re word what you’re saying so your patient could understand it better, and also you could be taught in training about other people’s cultural backgrounds to prevent this from happening.

If a person is upset/angry or happy/excited it could affect the communication between people, but anger is the worst, it could lead to the person not listening properly and could react in a way that they normal wouldn’t react, to solve this problem I would suggest that you calm the person down and...
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