Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

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  • Published : September 7, 2012
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Ways to Learn a Second Language
There are many ways a person can learn a second language. But that person has to be willing to learn. Some people want to learn fast and some people do not mind taking it slow. Learning a second language takes time. People can learn a second language by being around the native language, use self teaching materials, and by studying in a classroom. A person should choose the option that works best with the time they have and how much they want to learn.

Being around the language that you want to learn can help you learn the language better. By hearing the language everyday and having a native around to correct and help you when you need it, will help you understand that language better. Spanish is considered one the easiest languages to learn. If a person was to visit a Spanish speaking country for at least six months, that person would learn to speak the language better than a person that only hear the language occasionally. Being in that environment can help a person learn, especially if the person learning has a personal tutor that speaks the language fluently. This type of learning is effective in learning a second language, but it also takes time.

If a person wants to learn a second language quickly, they should consider using self teaching materials such as audio books which can help that person pick up some phrases. This way will not help a person learn fluently, but it will help them understand some of a conversation. It is better to learn phrases instead of words when learning a language quickly. (Lim, Josephine). This is one of the best ways for a person who is traveling abroad and has a very short amount of time to learn a language. Learning quick phrases can help a person get what they need when traveling in a short period of time.

Studying a foreign language in a classroom is another good way to learn a foreign language. It can take over a hundred hours of studying a language to get good at it. It can take even...
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