Ways to Keep the the Neighbourhood Clean

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Ways to keep your neighborhood clean and green
Good morning to….Today, I would like to talk about “Ways to keep your neighborhood clean and green”. It is important to keep our neighborhood clean and green. There are many ways to do this but they need to be done correctly. Some jobs we can do are to make sure we clean up our garbage and recycle items around the house. I love my community and I do not like to see it littered and dirty. We need to do our best to keep our community looking clean.

Everyday, plants and animals become extinct as their habitats are destroyed by human influence. At this rate, our world will become extinct quickly. Picking up trash when people are out in public would greatly help this situation. It is not hard to find a trash can in parks. Making sure people clean up would benefit everyone. If people see trash which is not theirs, they could pick it up themselves knowing they did something to help the world. You can make your neighborhood a cleaner and safer place by organizing a neighborhood cleanup.

Another great way to make sure we keep our neighborhood clean and green is to pick up garbage we find in ditches and highway. This purposes is keeping our Earth healthy. Ways to keep the highways clean are being cautious trash is not thrown out of car windows and going outside to clean up the ditch. Always keep a litter bag in your car so you won’t be tempted to toss unwanted trash out the window. Going out once a week to clean up ditch would not only make it look nicer, but also keep the neighborhood healthy. The litter found in ditches can harm our environment. People need to do their best not to pollute. Prevention is an important step, so set a litter-free example for your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to help keep your community.

Each year, each person uses almost a 100-foot tall Douglas Fir Tree in paper and wood products. There is a great importance for recycling to reduce the amount of trees cut down. It is not...