Ways to Improve English

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  • Published : October 9, 2008
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Formal ESL (English-as-a-second-language) classes are available at many colleges and universities to help non-native speakers improve their command of English. These programs provide a variety of courses such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, and conversation at a variety of levels such as beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Some also offer “English for special purposes” classes, which focus on English as used in specific subject-matter areas such as business, science or engineering.

Students should spend their time on things that interest them. They must choose their materials well. They can buy English reading materials based on their interest. For example, if the girls like cooking, then they can buy an English-language cookbook or find recipes on the net and practise following the recipes. They will soon know if they have made a mistake.

There are millions of blogs on the web. Each blogger has his own writing style. Students may come out with their own style in writing too. They will get a lot of inspiration to write after read others’ blogs. They can keep English materials on them such as books, newspapers or magazines and CDs or cassettes all day and every day. They can take them out to read whenever they have a free time. They will never know when they might have five spare minutes.

Students will have fun playing puzzles and crosswords or take quizzes on daily newspaper. The more they play, the more they will improve. Online dictionary and thesaurus can help students to check meanings of a word when they cannot figure out what it means.

Students can have better understanding if they use reference books that correspond to their level. They will be able to relate grammar to practical usage if they check the spelling of words in dictionary. They should be brave and choose to write paper works in English if they are given choice. Their lecturers will be able to correct their mistakes and therefore, they will know what they did...
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