Ways to Deal with Deviance

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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Every society has some deviance which is not accepted by most of the people. Deviance refers to the action that is seen as abnormal and depends on how people look at you. People who have deviance would face lots of pressure from society. It can have positive effect to the society. For example, it can increase the cohesion of society and brings out improvement of society. On the other hand, it also attributes to drawbacks like destroying harmony of society. Hence, different methods are carried out to deal with deviance. In this paper, I will focus on discussing the ways, especially formal and informal sanctions, which can solve the deviance’s problem with relevant examples and state out situations when sanctions might actually do more harm than good. There are different ways to tackle deviance. Formal and informal sanctions are the most common ways of it. Formal sanctions are the rewards or punishments made by laws, regulations, or policies. Take the Chinese Milk Scandal as an example. The Chinese producer, Shijiazhuang-based Sanlu Group, added Melamine in the baby formula. The scandal was discovered in November, 2008. It made many babies dead due to kidney stones. The society did not expect this kind of action, since the outcome of it is destructive. The WHO carried out investigation and condemned China for not reporting the situation. It raised the international pressure towards China. The Chinese government finally prosecuted eight people. Two of them were executed. It shows an official punishment to particular kinds of deviance. Besides, imprisonment of criminals, and monetary penalty of throwing rubbish on the street are also some examples of formal sanctions. In fact, the formal sanction attribute to a deterrent effect of deviance. It let people dare not to participate in deviance which would violate the law. It can reduce the number of deviance seen as crimes successfully. For example in the case of Chinese Milk Scandal, the Chinese government takes...
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