Ways to Curb Littering

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Ways To Curb Littering.

As our population continues to increase rapidly , it is important that humans become aware of the impact each one of us has on the world with our daily routines and habits. However , public attention to the state of our environment remains front and center – and will likely stay that way for the next few eras. Westlake (1999 - 2012) highlighted that in 2009 , a survey revealed that 75 percent of Americans admitted to littering in the last five years. Preventing littering should be a new main concern among the people , law makers in local communities and on up the political ladder. Hence , we , as students who are very concerned about this problem have suggested some ways to curb littering such as carry out heavier penalties , provide more trash cans , set up campaigns and set a good example to people.

While there are already fines associated with littering , still , the fines could be heavier , hitting the lawbreakers directly where it hurts them the most. Perhaps the fines can be from RM 15 to RM 20 per ounce of garbage littered , on top of the offense of littering itself , which will carry a hefty fine. In addition , a lesson for littering offenders are compulsory. The lesson will forced people to learn what littering does , how often do people litter and what is the effects on human and the earth. Fines could be double for people who does not attend this lesson. Other than that , punishment can be carry out on the teenagers , age around 13 to 17 years old who littered. These teenagers will not be fine with money , in contrast they will need to become a public volunteer. Some examples of their punishment are sweeping the public areas such...
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