Ways to Communicate

Topics: Language, Communication, Translation Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: February 12, 2012
What can you do to ensure your listener will understand the words you choose? Culture, gender, and age influence how words are used and how we interpret others words. Be sensitive to the meaning of words as well as the order of words, their sounds, and rhythm. Adapt vocabulary to the level of the listener. Use words or phrases composed of familiar terms. Use words that symbolize exact thoughts and feelings. Use common vivid words or images. When possible try to use concrete details and examples. Adjusting your vocabulary to others does not mean talking down to them. It simply demonstrates respect and effective communication to select words that others understand.

Linguistic Sensitivity is using skill in the use of words for expressive and practical purpose. Through appropriate language, we communicate our respect for those who are different from us. We can achieve this by using vocabulary our listeners understand, using jargon sparingly, using slang that is appropriate to our listeners and the situation, using inclusive language, and using language that is not offensive. Here are some examples of using linguistic sensitivity.

1st Jargon refers to technical terms whose meanings are understood only by a select group of people based on their shared activity or interests. It’s a common language based on a hobby or occupation. Here are a few examples, medical practitioners speak a language of their own, which people in the medical field understand and those outside of the medical field do not. BP means blood pressure, FX means fracture, and Nothing by mouth is NPO. Also the internet is full of jargons. BTW is by the way, CYA is see you around, FAQ is frequently asked questions, HTH is hope this helps, and MOTD is message of the day.

Next use slang appropriate to the listeners and to the situation. Slang is informal...
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