Ways to Avoid Snatch Thief

s it your habit to leave your handbag,
mobile phone, laptop and other important
items on the table while dining at restaurants?

Many visitors like you especially, habitually
leave their handbags on the table or chairs
to go to the buffet table to get food,
only to come back and find wallets
or even their handbags gone.

There are also people who love to
wear a lot of jewellery. Unfortunately,
that is one invitation that snatch thieves
cannot resist.

Losing money or jewellery can be
worrisome and traumatic. So, if you
want to holiday with peace of mind,
to help you avoid this, here 6 tips
from me!

Tips 1: When dining at a hotel, restaurants or
any eatery, do not leave your handbag or
laptop on the table or hanging on the
side of a chair.

If you are going to the buffet table, make
sure someone is looking after your things;
otherwise take them with you.

Do not assume that all other customers
are honorable.

Tips 2: Do not attract attention by wearing
expensive jewellery. You never know if there is
a thief among your fellow travellers. Travel
'light' and preferably, leave jewellery in a
safety deposit box in the bank or at home.

After all, you are on holiday-it is time to relax
and wear casual clothes.

Tips 3: Do not leave your prized possessions in the
hotel room while you go out.

There have been many occasions when jewellery,
mobile phones, camera etc have gone missing.

Either leave them in the hotel safe or take
them with you.

Tips 4: Always carry out your passport and identity
card with you.

Tips 5: Never go off the beaten track alone. If
you are venturing out somewhere unknown,
go in a group. There is safety in numbers.

Tips 6: Never keep all your cash in one place.
That way, if you lose your wallet or handbag,
you will still have money.
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