Ways the French and Spanish Colonies Differed from the English Colonies

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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The development of the colonies made the minds of many wonder about what could it bring wealth, fame, or a good life? The English, French, and Spanish were willing to venture for that. The English were the first of them to make that venture. The English colonies developed differently because they were allowed more freedom but on the other hand France and Spain had to abide by their ruler. Freedom allowed English men to do much more, including set up a government and a diverse economy. The English set up local governments and representative assemblies. They were also aloud to tax themselves as long as they did not refute against the Crown. The French and Spanish were not aloud to set up a government, they were fully subjected to their king rules. The economic differences between the two were diverse. The English had a different economy themselves including farming, fishing, and trading. They also had exports including tobacco, rice, timber, and fish. The French set up a fur trade and plantations in the Mississippi valley, which later failed. And for the Spanish, they set up a trading economy which was controlled by the Spanish board of trade and enforced by the Spanish military. Unlike France and Spain, England wanted other immigrants from other nations to come to increase their population. Due to the increase in population the English had great dominance in North America. This great dominance later assisted them in the defeat of the French and Spain in the French and Indian war, giving them there independence.
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