Ways of Walking Exercises

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23 A Walking Dictionary
A. Look up the word walk in the Longman Language Activator® on the CD-ROM and then match these different ways of walking with their meanings. The first one has been done for you. 1. To swagger 2. To pace 3. To stroll 4. To limp 5. To stumble 6. To stomp 7. To sneak 8. To hike a) to take a long walk in the countryside b) to walk proudly, swinging your shoulders, in a way that shows too much self-confidence c) to walk with difficulty because you have hurt one of your legs d) to walk backwards and forwards within a small area, especially because you are nervous, bored, or angry e) to walk quietly so that no one notices you, especially because you are doing something wrong and do not want to be caught f) to walk through deep water g) to walk in a slow and relaxed way, especially for pleasure h) to walk unsteadily, often hitting things with your feet and almost falling, especially because it is dark, the ground is uneven, or because you are tired or drunk i) to walk on your toes because you do not want to make any noise j) to walk with heavy steps, making a lot of noise to show that you are angry

9. To tiptoe 10. To wade

B. Now use some of the words you’ve learned in exercise A to complete these sentences. 1. It was obvious he was injured as he was __________ badly. 2. We __________ for three days through the Himalayas. 3. The river was deep but they __________ their way across, holding the bags above their heads. 4. She was furious. She got up and __________ out of the club. 5. He stood outside the operating theatre, __________ up and down and constantly looking at his watch. 6. Have you seen that man over there? He’s been __________ about for the last hour or so. It looks a bit suspicious to me. 7. She could hardly walk. She was __________ along, falling over every few steps. I was surprised she made it to the end of the street. 8. Who’s that man who just __________ in so confidently? He’s acting as if he owns the place....
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