Ways of Seeing

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Juan Carlos Navarro
Instructor Thornberry
It’s very impressive to me, the distinct level of interpretation that every person can have upon a single image. It’s also surprising to understand, that it only takes an instant to look at an image that you find interesting and it will capture your attention, and have a powerful effects on you. I agree that the environment that surrounds, and the experiences that you may have in your life, affect the way that you comprehend the images that on front of you, are to be seen. Now, putting myself as an example, I didn’t need more than just seconds, to stop and appreciate what this photograph shows. This is the first time I see it in my life, however, what this particular picture has brought to me are many different images, thoughts, and reflections for me to think about. For many people, this may just be an old, black and white picture, taken on a regular working day just like any other day of the week. Maybe the author was just having fun by taking it. He could’ve been an employee from the same construction site too, just like the ones shown taking lunch atop a skyscraper. But to me, it is not like that, I have my own perception of it.

Lunch-atop-a-skyscraper (Charles c ebbets) Images like this, specifically, fill me with feelings of pride. My parents taught me that good people move ahead in their ways through life, by working, and doing it hard and honestly. Although many times work can be extremely hard and difficult, you have to accept it any way it comes. I admire any person that cares for the economical and social wellbeing of himself and his family’s, because they are always ready to work and develop the best they can; even when this requires to put their own life at risk, and getting a salary that in some way might not be worthy. I’m looking at this photograph and suddenly, all I see is people that day after day pull this nation ahead...
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