Ways of Laughing

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Ways Of Laughing

Laugh: to make sounds with your voice, usually when you are smiling, because you think something is funny. Belly laugh: a laugh that cannot be controlled.
Giggle: to laugh repeatedly in a silly way because you are amused, embarrassed or nervous. snigger: to laugh unkindly and quietly, especially at something that is not meant to be funny. chuckle: to laugh quietly, especially because you are thinking about something funny. to roar/howl with laughter: to laugh very loudly because you think something is funny. be in hysterics: to laugh uncontrollably.

crack up: to suddenly start laughing a lot.
grin: to smile widely.
beam: to smile with obvious pleasure.
smirk: a smile that expresses satisfaction about having done something or knowing something that is not known by someone else.
simper: to smile in a silly or annoying way.
mock: to laugh at someone, often by copying them in a funny but unkind way. fall about laughing: to laugh without being able to stop.
to crease somebody up: to make someone else laugh a lot.

Ways of laughing: Idioms

* A laughing stock: someone who does something very stupid which makes other people laugh at them. “ I can't cycle around on that old thing! I'll be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood.” * To not be a barrel of laughs: to not be enjoyable.  'He's a bit serious, isn't he?' 'Yeah, not exactly a barrel of laughs.' * To not be a bundle of laughs: to not be entertaining or enjoyable. ‘She's not a bundle of laughs’. * Be laughing all the way to the bank : if someone is laughing all the way to the bank, they have made a lot of money very easily, often because someone else has been stupid; “If we don't take this opportunity, you can be sure our competitors will and they'll be laughing all the way to the bank.” * Be laughing on the other side of your face /mouth : if you say someone who is happy will be laughing on the other side of their face, you are angry about the thing that is making...
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