Ways in Which Students Can Improve Their Study Skills

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Prompt: Write an article for the school magazine in which you explain ways in which students can improve their study skills.

Without a doubt, studying for school work plays a vital rule in the status of a student’s grade. Getting good grades is imperative in school, so that the student will be more prepared for college and the future. Study skills are important because they prepare the student for the test or quiz that he or she is going to take. Study skills, such as studying for a certain amount of time each day, doing practice problems for the lessons that the student learned, and preventing procrastination can lead to a higher grade for the student. In general, students who prepare themselves and study for tests and quizzes will receive higher grades and learn more information than those who do not study or prepare.

Study skills are necessary in order to receive satisfactory grades in school. One way to improve study skills is by studying for a certain amount of time each day in order to ensure that the knowledge will be retained. For example, if one wanted to receive a commendable grade in their AP Psychology class, then they would take a certain amount of time each night to study the proper terms and main points for the section for which they are learning. Spacing out your studying proves to be more beneficial than studying the night before the test, as one has the opportunity to review class materials several times a week, focusing on one topic at a time. New information can be absorbed more easily when studying this way. It is evident that in order to improve study skills, one must allot time each night to study the information learned throughout the course of the school day.

Students who are optimistic towards becoming smarter and acquiring good grades need to improve their study skills by completing practice problems and exercises on a daily basis to ensure that knowledge is being retained. Homework, along with other...
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