Wayexplain How the Relationship Between an Organisation’s Structure and Culture Can Impact on the Performance of the Business

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Character Analysis
As we all known that the characters leading peoples’ behaviors and thought. In terms of characters influenced by environment and nurture, on the one hand, people do not believe that characters will affect when their make decision, one the other hand, characters will also determine peoples’ job position or the levels of life in the future. Now, let us talk about why characters are important in our life. Regardless of you believe that or not, characters are your label and when you fall in trouble or something happened that characters will make you predict your act. Even you are meeting new people, through the details when you are taking about that will help you making the levels about the person quickly. In fact, all of the details are reflect of peoples’ characters so that we are making character analysis everyday. In this essay I would like talk about my own characters and analysis it. Initially, I will talk about my own positive characters. By the way, my name is Mouzhi-young and my name was given to me by my grandfather. He want to me become an intelligence and ambition person. Of course, young is my family name. I am an easy-going man and I pleasure help others. When my friends get in trouble I always the first man is selected to. On the other hand I think my good quality consist by will power. The thing that I am decided I never give up. That means I will try my best to do. Sometimes my friends think I am a paranoia. Contrary, I also have some negative characters. Partly because of my name, my parents want to me become a useful and successful man so that they have too much wish for me. When I was a child, they ask for me attend a lot of course in the free time. I do don’t know why am I have to spend so much time to study. Then, I guess I hate study and I absolutely acknowledge that the real things are do what you want to do. So I guess I am an idealist. The reason is I do don’t care about others mind and I just care about...
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