Way Religion Should Co-Exist

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Way Religion Should Co-Exist

By | November 2012
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I find no reason why science and religion should coexist. Science explains how the world works, in a technical way. Religion attempts to explain why we're here, in a philosophical way. The problem lies in that, too many people try to make technology fit a strict interpretation of religion and technology is often time’s scientists are unable to except religion because it can't be methodically proven. However, with an open mind to both science and religion, one can find a middle ground where both practices can

I believe that the tenets of my many religious faiths can be combined with scientific fact to strengthen one's belief in both. Most portions of religious thinking do not violate that which is known to be scientific fact. Those portions of religious thinking that contradict scientific fact can often be taken as allegories or parables rather than pure fact. Some religious thinkers will not be able to combine scientific fact with their religious thought because they hold the Bible to be perfect and completely true. I think in the majority of cases religion and science can coexist because there are few contradictions between them. The functionality of America would not be as novel or ingenious without religion, a monumental influence in the building of the United States. If we trace back hundreds of years to colonial times, religion acted as the absolute driving force that convinced colonists that America was the new haven they had been looking for. It also contributed long lasting moral, social, and political impacts seen in countless movements reflecting the Christian ideals of truth, life without sin, and altruism, or good works. Lastly, religious liberty is a major campaign so trite that one will find religious tolerance laws in every state as well as various religious tolerance groups with ease. Patently, the rudiments of religion are responsible for shaping the world we live and enjoy today. The absence of religious tolerance that pushed colonists from...

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