Way of Living Essay

Topics: House, Real estate, Apartment Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice. Choosing the place where you are planning to move it is very easy if you know what you like and the advantages of each place. I would like to live in a traditional house rather than in a modern apartment building because there are not so many buildings in Mérida but most of all because: I have been living in one since I was born, because I can have a garden in a house but not in an apartment, because people living in houses are more friendly than the ones living in apartments, and because in a house I can be as noisy as I want. First of all, I have been living since little in a traditional house with my parents. It makes me feel happy and comfortable. Most of my families live in this small city, so I would like to stay near them and keep in touch by living in a traditional house. Then, most of the houses in the city have gardens and pools. I would like to build a garden full of flowers and a nice pool in the middle, which is kind of impossible in an apartment. I can grow trees, all kinds of flowers, play with my nephew, organize a party, or even lie down to watch the stars at night. Third, I think that people that live in houses are more friendly and nice than those living in apartments. The people that live in buildings are always busy with their jobs and it always seems they are in a rush so you never get the chance to know each other well. Finally, if I live in a house I won’t have to worry about making any noise or playing y music. If you live in a building you need to be quiet because apartments are most of times very close to each other. But in the other hand, if I live in a traditional house I can play my ballet music and dance, or shout as hard as I want, or watch TV in the highest volume, and no one will bother me. To conclude, I would like to live in a traditional house because the advantages it has...
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