Way of Knowing: Perception

Topics: Perception, Sense Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Perception as a way of knowing

Perception is defined as, “The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.” To understand our world, we are at the mercy of our 5 senses. We do not have any idea what truth is outside of the those 5 senses. Everything we see is subjective and truth is no where to be found in our current state. What is outside of us? A different quality than we know, one of complete love and giving, while we are in the quality of complete reception and self love. There is a method for everyone to exit this quality and know the truth of what exists outside of our limited senses. Each person perceives the world in a different way from each other. Therefore, we cannot know whether what we know is actually the truth. Every individual comes from a different background, a different part of the world, different religions, and therefore the way they perceive things will be completely different. Culture plays a big role. If you were witnessing a mugging in New York City for instance, the likelihood that someone would have a positive response is more likely than a positive response you would see in a large city in China (Shanghai, Beijing, etc.), but maybe also less of a positive response that you would receive if you were in Stockholm, Sweden. In New York, people know that muggings can be an often occurrence, therefore when they see one happening, they may not be very surprised. In China people may be very surprised to see something like a mugging, but they most often do not intervene. This is for fear of safety, but more so fear of blame, and because they do not owe the victim anything the continue on their marry ways. For me, I know that if I was witnessing a mugging, I most likely could not intervene. This is because, proportionally, I know that I would do more damage than good. That still does not mean that I couldn’t have an immediate response. I could call the police. call a hospital (if the mugging was over and...
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