Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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Team presentation: Research Project
Team topic: Dental health
My Sub-topic: Dental health

Research Objective: To discover more about what dental health is and why it is important and how it works today. Research Questions:
1. What is gingivitis?
2. What are the causes and effects of gingivitis?
3. What causes decay?
4. What causes bad breath?
5. What is tooth sensitivity?

Research Methods:

1. Use the internet for information
2. Use a New Zealand database to find relevant information 3. Use the library to find books with relevant information 4. Take notes from a YouTube video about dental health.
5. Interviewed a dentist about dental health issue


Research Log:
19th September: Chose topic and started researching it on the internet and other sources. Made a group profile and made five questions for each member ion the group.

26th September: researched about what are gingivitis and the causes and effect of it.

10th October: researched about what causes decay and halitosis.

11th October: phone interviewed a dentist about what dental health is and how to keep teeth fresh and clean to prevent any infections.

14th October: watched you tube videos related to my topic. Get all information together.

20th October: wrote my annotated bibliography by using different sources.

22nd October: wrote up my evaluation and proof read and edited errors.

Task 3: Annotated Bibliography

Colgate Professional. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.colgateprofessional.com/patienteducation/What-Is-Gingivitis/article

This article was very easy to read because it is written in simple terms. It briefly defines what gingivitis is and the symptoms and causes of it. It also has a strategy to treat gingivitis to have healthy and clean teeth. This resource has helped to answer my research questions.

Watson, S. (2011, January...
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