Watson Job Aid Reflection

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Watson’s Job-Aid & Reflection
July 23, 2012

Watson’s Job-Aid & Reflection
The attached job aid matrix that I have designed is developed to improve the delivery of health care in the community as it relates to adult obesity. It uses evidence-based clinical practices and the use of Jean Watson’s theory of human caring to influence a positive outcome on community nursing care. It is an easy to use flow chart matrix with step by step instructions to follow to help eliminate the number of obese adults in the community. Obesity is a huge problem in the community of Charlotte, North Carolina and if it is not controlled soon the number of chronic diseases and mortality will continue to increase in this area. The North Carolina Medical Journal (2009) states, “the prevalence of obesity has dramatically increased in both North Carolina and the US over the past decade. One in 4 adults in North Carolina are obese today, with 62% of those aged 50 years and older being designated as overweight or obese” (p. 343). As a result, heart disease is the leading cause of death in adults in this state. To be a great nurse, you have to be caring and compassionate towards the patients. These feelings can be amplified by using Jean Watson’s theory of caring. Watson developed this theory of human caring a long time ago using a holistic approach of providing care to patients by incorporating the mind, body, and soul. The focus is around the ten carrative factors that she developed through the nurse-patient relationship using the transpersonal caring approach. “Watson describes nursing as a human science, with the major focus being the process of human care for individuals, families and groups. Her theory is based on a form of humanism and has its origins in Metaphysics” (McCance, McKenna, & Boore, 1999).

Evidence-based research is an important aspect of nursing care. There are a variety of sources available that update almost yearly based on...
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