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Jean Watson: A Review of the Theory of Caring
Denise Lakin
NUR 403
January 23, 2012
Dr. Candace Cane

Jean Watson: A Review of the Theory of Caring

Caring is heart of nursing, it is what nursing is about, the motivation behind interventions. Past, present, and future nurses use caring interventions and Watson’s theory of caring to provide a holistic approach complimenting medical care and aiding in patient healing often without realizing it. Patients are admitted to facilities for nursing care. Analysis of the major components of the theory of caring give some background on the theory, as well as practical applications of the theory to professional experience. Ever since the days of Florence Nightingale nurses have used their ability to possess a holistic approach to improve the care of those served; Jean Watson was no different. According to Erci, Sayan, Tortumluoglu, Kilic, Sahin, & Gungorumus (2003), Watson’s theory is considered the framework that combines the art and science of caring and is the foundation of nursing practice that is composed of ten carative factors that can provide a guide to effective interventions. Watson’s theory is the essence of nursing. In today’s healthcare environment where minimization of resources are occurring it is more imperative than ever that we do not lose that healing and caring touch. Theories such as Watson’s can help guide us as we determine the interventions that are appropriate for our patients and help us maintain a holistic approach that embraces the mind, body, and spirit. Watson’s theory serves as a guide to the discipline and professional development of nurses (Holland, and Kasper, 2006). Jean Watson was born in 1940 in West Virginia and graduated high school in 1958. She obtained her undergraduate and graduate studies ending with a doctorate of nursing from the University of Colorado and currently has worldwide recognition for her research human caring relationships and is a distinguished...

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