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TIME ALLOTMENT: The time allotment for MAPEH is 60 minutes or an hour a day for four days a week.

MODULE NO. Most of the Teaching and Learning Guides in the K to 12 Curriculum are divided into several modules; each module is composed of one or more lessons. However, not all learning areas provide the same number of modules. In Art, the First Quarter is composed of five learning modules.

LESSON NO. Lesson number is optional. It is included here for the sake of determining how many lessons have been taught by the teacher.

TOPIC: This refers to the topic for the day and not the general topic or the content standard found in the Curriculum Guide for Grade 7

MATERIALS: List down all the materials that you and your students will need in the lesson.

I. MOTIVATION. This part of the lesson can be stated in bullet format or through an outline. Motivation part of the lesson introduces concept or topic through an activity that will open up or stir the interest of the students to participate in learning. Grade 7 MAPEH is student-centered class; students do the activities and most of the talking - the teacher only facilitates and helps in the processing of information. Motivation leads the students to discover or to realize something that will encourage them to ask for more.

II. ANALYSIS. This part asks thought-provoking questions related to the topic for the day. The teacher may provide sample questions or let the students formulate their own questions regarding the lesson. To aid the students in formulating questions, short activities and hands on experiences must be supplied by the teacher. This is the WHAT-part of the lesson.

III. ABSTRACTION. Abstraction leads the students to critical thinking. In it, the teacher must be able to encourage the students to formulate more questions and develop their own concepts based on their questions. More short activities must be...

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