Topics: New York City, Water, Water supply network Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: December 16, 2012
New York City Watershed
Jose E. Ortiz
SCI 275
Joanna Gress
December 9, 2012

I have choosing an environmental report in my home state of New York. The environmental issue is the protection of the Catskill Water Supply System, completed in 1927, and the Delaware Water Supply System, completed in 1967. Together these two water supply systems provide about 90 percent of New York’s water supply. The combined Catskill/Delaware watersheds cover 1,600 square miles. Drinking water from the Catskill/Delaware system is of high quality and is delivered to New York consumers unfiltered. This is an environmental sustainability issue because EPA and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) determined that New York City has an adequate long-term watershed protection program for its Catskill/Delaware water supply that meets the requirements for unfiltered water supply systems and will function indefinitely without going into a decline from the stresses that human society imposes. The people whom this most will affect are the residents of the New York City and Westchester Orange, Putnam and Ulster counties.

This issue was caused by the residents of the New York City and Westchester Orange, Putnam and Ulster counties needing more safe drinking water. The environmental regulation that is related to this issue is the Rules and Regulations for The Protection from Contamination, Degradation and Pollution of The New York City Water Supply and Its Sources. The purpose of this regulation is to insure compliance with the Federal and State standards by providing a comprehensive watershed protection program. Furthermore, these rules and regulations articulate an anti-degradation policy for the New York City water supply system. These rules and regulations are promulgated to govern those activities in the watershed that threaten the quality of the water supply of the numerous upstate communities and the City of New York. While bound by its responsibility to protect the...
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