Watergate and American Political Society

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Running title: WATERGATE

Watergate had a great impact on the American Political scene Abstract
Watergate scandal is the breakpoint in the United States’ history. During the trial concerning the burglary into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, Americans learned much about their politicians’ real natures and gained a healthy grain of cynism about politics in general. The institute of Presidency had lost an essential part of public trust, and laws were pushed to prevent power misuses by the President in the future. The aftermath of Watergate changed the political scene, internal and external politics and even laws of the United States greatly.

Watergate had a great impact on the American Political scene Answer: True

Several great political scandals put together under the name of Watergate Scandal had changed political scene of the United States significantly. The first and earliest echo of Watergate was considerable disappointment of electorate in the ideas and methods of the Republican party, and subsequent victory of the Democratic party on the Senate election and the House race. This victory had brought a large number of relatively young politicians to the US Congress – the so-called “Watergate Babies” generation of politicians. And, of course, such dramatical changes in the Senate and in the House of Representatives resulted in changed composition of the committees formed by the Senate. The second consequence of Watergate was mass disillusionment of Americans in politics, and in the institution of Presidency in particular. American citizenry during the Watergate scandals understood the fact, that the Government and every single politician can have dirty secrets from society, and that they should not be trusted. Since Watergate, every new President is treated with a healthy grain of suspicion, because no one knows, what dirty secrets may or will be uncovered during his Presidency term. Watergate scandals caused seriuos internal...
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