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A polychrome of colours form in front of me, as I sit on this protruding grey rock. In front of me, thousands of gallons of water are free-falling from 100 meters, causing such a thunderous roar. This beautiful waterfall sits at the end of a winding river, and is encompassed by thick sturdy tress whose luscious canopy offers shade for any who despises the warm rays of sunlight. Along with the lush green foliage sporting different hues of green, the whole scene seemed right out of a postcard from paradise. Never in my life have I seen such a scene as breath-taking as this, the imposing waterfall caused such a roar that all but blocks the cacophony of forest creatures residing in the safety of their tree homes. Animals ranging from elephants to crickets let cried out. Around my rock, the water is moderately calm, illuminated by sunshine, I could see straight into the waist deep water, and admire the efflorescence of aquatic plants and corals. A school of tiny glittering fish darted hither and thither, enjoying their magnificent freedom. As I lay on my tiny piece of wet grey rock the dimensions of 2 grown men, the sounds of nature muted my thoughts and worries, and all I could do was enjoy this marvellous piece of beauty. The waterfall was conjoined with the marvellous azure blue sky, with little puffs of white clouds floating, leading one to imagine the euphoria and ecstasy of flight. Occasionally, flocks of birds will take flight, providing an endless kaleidoscope of colours. Relaxing on this peace of rock whilst bathing in the warmth of the sun and the sound of inviolate nature, one cannot help but be amazed at what mother earth has provided us with, and how much we have taken for granted.
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