Water Waves

Topics: Tsunami, Waves, Transverse wave Pages: 4 (1472 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Water Waves
Water waves have been around for years; learning about water waves can help you understand the outside world. Water waves can be used in many ways, but they can also be harmful, too. When were they discovered? Water waves have been around since the creation of the earth, but Isaac Newton came up with a theory; after studying waves in about 1687. What is the biggest wave? In 1958 the biggest tsunami wave was recorded. How much harm can water waves really do? In 1958 the tsunami wave uprooted one million trees. How can we protect our selfs from water waves? Two basic ways to keep water waves from harming us are: wear life jackets when you are in a place waves get high and don’t be out on boats when the weather is supposed to be bad. What type of wavs are water waves? Transverse and longitudinal are the types of waves that can be seen in water waves. There is a lot more information about water waves in the paragraph below and the paragraphs will go into more detailed answers to the questions above. Introduction of Waves: Properties

Water waves have been recorded to be as high as 1,720 feet or as low as a small ripple. In 1958, on the night of July 9, the biggest tsunami wave was recorded. The shore line of the Lituya Bay there was a wave that was recorded to be 1720 feet above sea level. That was the biggest wave recorded in history, so far. When you throw a stone into a body of water it makes water waves known as a ripple. A ripple is the smallest water wave. Water waves have a great range of wave lengths. Introduction of Waves: Types of Waves

“A Transverse wave is a mechanical wave that causes particles in matter to move at right angles to the direction the wave travels.” (pg 790 Glencoe Science Level Blue) A water wave is a transverse wave, but a water wave is also a longitudinal wave, too. “A longitudinal wave is the particle displacement and is parallel to the direction of wave propagation.” (2...
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