Water Wars

Topics: Water, Water resources, Water supply Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: November 5, 2010
The Movie Blue Gold-World Water Wars is based on the book written by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke. In this report, I will try to put some the good points about and the most examples of misinformation. Maude Barlow is National Chair of the Council of Canadians and Tony Clarke is Executive Director of the Polaris Institute, another Canadian organization. Both Clarke and Barlow are featured prominently in the film, which is directed by Sam Bozzo.

What I Liked
Visually impressive
Discussion about sea water desalination and its high current energy costs •Emphasis on community-based actions and solutions
No great affinity for bottled water
Prior appropriation water law and its seeming discouragement of conservation (from Robert Glennon of Water Follies fame) •Pollution problems
Owens Lake - Los Angeles' "'water grab" in the early 20th century •Ryan's Well Foundation, founded by Canadian Ryan Hreljac •Discussion of the Atlanta-Suez and Cochabamba-Bechtel fiascos •No fondness for the World Bank

Deleterious effects of dams (but neglected decommissioning issues) •Urban vs. rural water issue - retiring ag land for urban water •Support for a human right to water
Effects of excessive ground water pumping: sinkholes, land subsidence So What Didn't I Like?
Provocative, undocumented statements such as: 'Much of the world's fresh water is polluted beyond human use'; 'Every single drop of fresh water will be privately owned and controlled'. •Then there is Dr. Michal Kravcik, a Slovak hydrologist who runs an NGO, People and Water, that has done some good work in watershed restoration. But what he talks about is a link between ground water pumping and earthquakes, and thence to tsunamis. This is unbelievable, as it is presented as fact with no documentation. Kravcik claims that more runoff from the land and pumped ground water have increased the ocean's water level, producing more weight on the ocean floor (and less weight on the...
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