Water vs Gatorade

Topics: Physical exercise, Flavor, Water Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Water Instead of Gatorade
I’m going to tell you the truth right now. I originally was going to stand up here today and talk to you about Gatorade and encourage you to use it. Well as you can see from the title of my speech, that changed. After studying the topic, I realized that I had the wrong opinion of Gatorade and other sports drinks. Now I drink my water. Go to any high school, college, or pro sport and look on the sidelines. I’m guessing that at almost every one, you’ll find Gatorade bottles or a big Gatorade jug and maybe even Gatorade towels. You don’t even have to go that far. Go into most physically active peoples dorm rooms here on campus and you’ll find Gatorade or some other sports drinks or go to an intramural game and you’ll probably find someone drinking Gatorade. With many different flavors to choose from, the media brought attention, and the supposed great effects of Gatorade, I don’t blame you for choosing it as a drink of choice for while you do some physical activity because I used to be the same way but for most exercising, water is better. I myself was an athlete and drank Gatorade a lot but I truthfully never felt a difference between water and Gatorade. With what I will say today, I will try to persuade you against drinking Gatorade and instead drink water. What is Gatorades purpose? To hydrate you while resupplying needed electrolytes. It is true that Gatorade does this but what people don’t know is that it is unnecessary for most exercises because we all have supplies of electrolytes and proteins that are used when we work out but are rarely depleted during moderate exercise! This does not apply to people who do Ironman competitions or marathons because during those the body’s built up supplies of electrolytes and proteins will become depleted after the extensive workout. Why do we seem to always tend to drink Gatorade or see it as a viable...
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