Water Supply Problems in Lics

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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A person cold live without food for weeks, but only about 3 days without water.

Pollution of Water:
Resource exploitation:
* Many tribes Amazon region suffer contaminated water mining operations & oil exploitation led increases cancer, abortion, dermatitis, fungal infection, headaches & nausea. * Drinking, bathing & fishing levels toxins higher safety limits US Environmental Protection Agency. Unlined waste pits lots pollution in Oriente region Ecuador. Toxic contents pits leeched rivers contaminate larger ecosystem toxins downstream Peru. * No other options obtain water locals depend drinking and poison themselves. Childhood leukaemia 4 times higher; children few months old died leukaemia. * Achuar people live thousands years rainforest Peru, allege company contaminated territory more 30 years oil drilling. Water high concentration hydrocarbons heavy metals i.e. lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic cause serious physical & mental problems. * Achuar people pollution destroy fragile ecosystem kill fish & wildlife contaminate water damage health. Survey 2008 cadmium levels blood more 98% exceed safe levels. 66% children levels lead blood exceeds max. safe amount.

Water related diseases:
* Dysentery-infectious disease intestine symptoms diarrhoea (contains blood), sickness & cramp. * Malaria-caused parasite via bites mosquitoes symptoms fever, headache & vomiting appear 10-15 days after. Not treated life threatening disrupts vital organs. * Bilharzias-caused parasitic worms into blood kidney failure. * Trachoma-caused parasites contaminated water lead blindness if untreated.

CASESTUDY: Jakarta, Indonesia
* Rapidly growing population, not enough resources reliable and safe everyone. * Large proportion drink contaminated water, vulnerable to disease. Salt water contaminate and makes worse especially shanty towns. * Shanty towns lack basic services water supply. Poor standard...
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