Water, Solutions, and Mixtures

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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Problem statement: How can I figure out whether different substances when mixed with water create a solution or not. Research/Prior knowledge: Substances dissolve best in hotter water. You can use a flashlight to help see if a mixture is a solution, a suspension, or colloid. A solution is a mixture that forms when substances dissolve and form a homogenous mixture. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture that separates into layers over time. A colloid is a mixture that contains some particles that are intermediate in size between the small particles in a solution, and the larger particles in a suspension. A homogenous mixture is a mixture in which the substances are so evenly distributed, that it is hard to distinguish one sample of the mixture with another. A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture in which the parts of the mixture are noticeably different from one another. Hypothesis: Based on research and prior knowledge, if I mix one teaspoon of sugar, flower, powered lemonade, cornstarch, instant coffee, talcum powder, and gelatin with hot water, then, I can tell whether it is a solution or suspension, or colloid. Materials list: One teaspoon, sugar, flower, powdered country time lemonade, ARGO cornstarch, Maxwell House instant coffee, Johnson and Johnson baby powder (talcum powder), unflavored gelatin powder, measuring cup (500mL), fork, hot water, timer, flashlight, and towel. Procedure:

1. Gather all materials.
2. Fill measuring cup with 500mL of hot water.
3. Measure out 1 teaspoon of sugar and dump that into the water. 4. Set timer for 1 minute.
5. Start timer and begin to constantly mix the 2 substances until the timer ends. 6. Take fork out and set the timer for another minute.
7. Start timer and let mixture sit until timer ends.
8. Turn on flashlight and put the beam right up next to the measuring cup. 9. Record data on chart and thoroughly rinse out the fork, spoon, and measuring cup using some more hot water....
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