Water Scarcity

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Well, human is facing a serious challenge of water resource which will be delectated. Therefore I collect some reference from Internet. My thesis is that I will use increase water supply as my original solution which transfers the salt sea water into fresh water. (Water solution methods in appendices)The purpose is searching how to reduce water scarcity in my country. Besides, I will talk about three issues the uneven distribution, water pollution and hard water in China, then I am supposed to provide one method which is desalination to dress the scarcity. My method can transport the 97% sea water to the fresh water in order to solve the water scarcity. Introduction

Now people have witnessed the rapid development of the world through using a lot of nature resources like oil, coal and water. The environment problem becomes more serious, for example the 20 lakes in China dry up each year. Over the past 50 years country has lost more than 1000 natural water reservoirs. This is almost 10000 km2of the water surface. The main reason of this is the active development of industry. China overuses fresh water. Industrial waste water entering the lakes contains chemical compounds came from metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper industries. (G.T.Frumin, 2011)For the whole world, if people don’t have water, human cannot survive anymore. Absolutely, water is dominative in biosphere as a whole, like the water circulation, climate, agriculture and so forth. Every animal in the earth cannot alive without water; also water is an excellent solvent which can transport the nutrient and waste products. Actually, the water is transparent to visible and ultraviolet light. This means that (pure) water is colorless and allows light to penetrate, thus allowing photosynthesis to take place at considerable depths. That are why water is so important in biosphere. Let’s see the history of the water scarcity. If we trace the origin of the point, I think we can say the First Industry Revolution. After Britain open the world and do into a fast-paced development. Myriad resources have been used to invent the technologies, involving water. After that, many countries waste plenty of water in order to become stronger. Some now many countries are depleted the water.

Hence, my purpose is searching how to reduce water scarcity in China. The thesis statement is that I will use method that increase water supply as my original method which transfer the salty water into fresh water.


My topic is that discusses the issues and serves a practical method for the problem. In order to make the information convincing, I have found several websites information to embody the topic. I will search for issues, the uneven water distribution, water pollution, and hard water, and find some current action solving the problems. Then, I will suggest some laws and suggests for the water scarcity. Besides, I will use folder and charts to clear my information. The research can me understand the problems and solution. It is because various and accurate information might indicate a significant number of factors about issues meanwhile tremendous detail also might confirm it.


Table 1.0 water issues affecting China today

| |description |Current plan | |Issue 1 |Water is uneven distribute |transfer the water from south to the north | |Issue 2 |Water pollution |Harness and formulate more laws( organization) | |Issue 3 |Some water can not drink ( salty , hard) | Chemical reaction |

As you can see from the table, although China is a big country, it still meets 3 main fresh water issues....
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