Water Resource Plan: Declining Fish Stock Paper

Topics: Overfishing, Fish, Ocean Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 21, 2011
In the video declining Fish Stock VLR its about the declining numbers of fish stock that is in the oceans. There is a disagreement between commercial fisheries and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography about what the right thing would be to do in order to help the fish population. Its clear to me that there is a huge problem with fishing and as it stated in the video over fishing has become more toxic to the ocean than toxic pollution and it is reversible but there would have to be a totally different way of living. Fishing fleets strip 90 percent of big fish, and he stated that without a limit to fishing ocean life will continue to decline. Commercial and non commercial fisherman are fishing so much that it is hard for fish to sustain their population, how can a fish thrive and become more when there is someone right there to catch it and sell it. They will become fewer and fewer until there are no fish left. I think it will be difficult to fully satisfy both sides because something drastic will have to happen in order to try to save fish life and one side may not agree as seen in the video. They had a very different opinion on what was best. I think that a good plan of action would be to put a ban on fish that are on the verge of extinction, so that they will then be able to get their numbers back up. If you have commercial fisherman constantly fishing for sword fish, sooner or later that species is going to have a hard time of keeping up with their population and there will be non left. I think if that doesn’t work than there will have to be a ban on certain waters, I think at this point something needs to be done before it gets to a point where there is nothing left to save With this plan there would be a down side which would be people importing the fish from other countries and once it’s here it will be a lot more expensive and will be harder for low income families to afford. Prices will sky rocket and there will be less sales because the fish is not as...
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