Water Refilling Station in Cebu

Topics: Employment, Delivery, Recruitment Pages: 4 (571 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The focus of employee selection and training is to match the capabilities of prospective candidates against the demands in a given job. From the analysis, selection and training is of prime importance to Water Refilling Stations in order to get the best of employees, however, it faces challenges in its quest to recruit its workforce. The issue of employee referrals seems to place unfair advantage over others, as more often than not, they are favoured compared to those who use a different channel. From the analysis it was realized that, more employee referrals are employed than those who apply in directly. Despite this challenge it was realized that these measures (selection and training) have been effective in the selection of employees for the selected Water Refilling Stations even though much needs to be done to enhance it. The quality of new recruits depends upon an organization's selection practices, and that the relative effectiveness of the selection phase is inherently dependent upon the caliber of candidates attracted.

From the study it is realized that employee selection and training is of great importance to every organization. As what we have observed, the needs of the refilling stations are as follows: Job Description of the top 3 Job Positions

I. Technical Assistant
Reports to: Manager
Overall Responsibility:
• Contribute to the effective and efficient delivery of all technical aspects of the Refilling Station • Maintains and runs the machine
• Accepts and refills containers of customers
• Contribute to the testing of equipment and maintenance of the machines, carrying out some caretaking duties as required. Qualifications:

II. Driver
Reports To: Supervisor
Overall Responsibility:
• Performs manual lifting and driving work.
• Deliver Gallons of water to our clients of different locations, as required. • Works as part of the team in providing delivery and pick ups services...
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