Water Rationing? Can I Take a Bath? I Can?! Wait...I Can't, It's Polluted.

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  • Published : October 28, 2008
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Water Rationing? Can I Take A Bath?
I can?! Wait…I can’t, it’s polluted.
By: Parth Patel

A growing problem in the world today is a
shortage of drinking water. Every twenty years, the
consumption of water is doubling. The supply of water
isn’t renewing at the same rate anymore. The shortage of
drinking water is causing a much larger problem. That
problem is polluted water. About half of the hospital beds
in the world are filled with people with water borne
diseases. About three billion people in the world don’t
have easy access to a toilet. The result of that is the
thousands of kids that die(a day) due to water related
problems. I think water shortage and water pollution
will be the water problems of the future. In the future,
when there will be water shortage( probably because people
didn’t find more water resources or a great way to conserve water),people will try some crazy things to find more water. Some people, in areas where there is no easy access to water, go to a beach and dig a hole in the sand to make a place where water will stay. They drink the water that appears and get sick. The sand sort of acts like a filter but it does not get rid of harmful bacteria. In the future, conditions will get way worse than they already are if YOU don’t do something about it. Do you want to die because of your foolish decisions?
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