Water Pumping Windmill

Topics: Wind power, Energy development, Windmill Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Nowadays, we are facing a number of environmental problems out of which energy crisis is a major one. Our traditional energy sources are getting depleted day-by-day because of over-exploitation, and we are in an urgent need to find and develop alternate and safer energy sources. Water pumping windmill is also one such alternative. It is a perfect power source for a farmhouse. It efficiently uses wind energy to pump out ground water which can further be used to keep warehouse as well as farmhouse cool during summer. This water can further be used to rotate a turbine and thus generating electricity. In this way, water pumping windmills utilizes wind energy to meet general requirements of a farmland and thus decrease our dependency on traditional energy sources. In this way, it is an eco-friendly and comparatively cheaper source of energy. Functioning of A Water Pumping Windmill:-

A water pumping windmill functions in the following manner:- A high tower is erected first and then a neatly designed multi-band wind wheel is attached on the top of it. In this wheel multiple curved sails are attached at specific angles with the wind which cause it to rotate even in low wind speeds.

This wind wheel is then attached with a shaft (usually called “main shaft”) which is further joined to a gear box. This shaft is supported by bearings. The rotations of shaft causes the gears to rotate which cause the pitman arm attached to it to move up and down. This pitman arm is attached to a piston. The up and down motion of the pitman arm cause the piston to move up and down. In this way, it carries water above. Here, instead of gear box, we have used four bar linkage to show the working of the windmill.

The water inlet pipe has a metallic flap attached at its bottom which gets closed when the piston goes down and is opened when the piston comes up. In this way, it ensures water does not go back in the well. The carried water is then flowed...
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