Water Polution

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Environmental Science
Water Pollution

Action Items
(in the correct order)Action StepsTimeline
Research and identify the effects of water pollution.Research environmental issues such as water pollution by using web sites, journals and other possible sources of information. Document the sources of water pollution, noting both environmental and health effects of water pollution.Month 1-3 Develop an education program about effects.Create a presentation about why this program is needed and include the negative effects it has on the environment and community as well as global health. Include the changes that will be required, and the benefits of change. Month 1-3 Schedule a presentation day and time with several community events and interactive tools. Distribute informational pamphlets and flyers to neighborhoods, homes, community centers, frequently visited areas, and highly populated areas such as shopping centers, parks and churches.Month 4 Invite all members of the community to be participants in the education and events that will occur now and in the future.Estimate the number of homes and people in the community. Create and distribute flyers to homes, community centers and several other highly populated areas announcing the meeting, the educational program that will be introduced and the events that will take place. Month 4-5 Continue public awareness and community events.Continue to involve the community in local events and programs. Ongoing Continue education and involvement from the community.Create awareness days that will have interaction with the community and involve them in the process and success of the program.Ongoing (Axia College (2007). Week 6 Appendix F)

Water Pollution
A sustainability plan for any...
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