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Water Pollutions

By | April 2008
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Water Pollution problems in our community.

Water resource issues in the United States have become major problem in the environmental fishing areas throughout decades. Water pollutions are one of the many problems occurring in our oceans. Pollution is large bodies of water contaminated by human’s activities. It is polluted when the water is not able to be used due to contamination. There are many causes for water pollution, the two general causes direct sources which come from factories and boats that release human waste and oils into our waters, and indirect sources which are contaminations entered from soils or groundwater systems. Water pollutants in our community are a water resource problem that can be limited with the help of our society. The Declining Fish stock video is describing water resource problems in our seas due to fisherman fishing in certain areas of the sea. Environmentalists believe time is running out for congressional approval of areas being restricted to the fisherman. Over fishing is a great cause of our oceans being stripped of ninety percent of big fish. After the study of bigger fish was being pulled from the seas allowing competition among fisherman to pull for the remaining ten percent, because of this our sea is not safe as people thought them to be. Over fishing is more destructive to the ocean than contamination or

degrading waters because with the lower levels of fish it is not allowing the fish to recover and reform. My plans for sustaining water pollution problems in my community is to Identify and research the effects of water pollutants, Develop an education program about the cause and effects of water pollution, schedule a presentation day and time, and invite community leaders and participants. Using this plan I intend to maintain the water resource problems in our oceans and seas through the research and education of my community....

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