Water Pollution with Sollution

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Water pollution
When toxic substances enter lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, and other water bodies, This results in the pollution of water

Water pollution has many sources. The most polluting of them are the city sewage and industrial waste discharged into the rivers.

Agricultural run-off, or the water from the fields that drains into rivers, is another major water pollutant as it contains fertilizers and pesticides.

Domestic sewage
waste water that is discarded from households called sanitary sewage, such water is impure

The main organic materials are food and vegetable waste, plant nutrient come from chemical soaps, washing powders, etc. Domestic sewage is also very likely to contain disease-causing microbes. Thus, disposal of domestic waste water is a significant technical problem.

Today, many people dump their garbage into streams, lakes, rivers, and seas,

Today cleaning products are synthetic detergents and come from the petrochemical industry. Most detergents and washing powders contain phosphates, which are used to soften the water among other things. These and other chemicals contained in washing powders affect the health of all forms of life in the water.

Agricultural Run off

The high nitrate content in groundwater is mainly from irrigation run-off from agricultural fields where chemical fertilizers have been used indiscriminately.

Industrial effluents

During the last fifty years, the number of industries in India has grown rapidly. Waste water from manufacturing or chemical processes in industries contributes to water pollution.

Most major industries have treatment facilities for industrial effluents. But this is not the case with small-scale industries, which cannot afford enormous investments in pollution control equipment as their profit margin is very slender. Effects of water pollution

The effects of water pollution are not only devastating to people but also to animals, fish, and birds. Polluted water is unsuitable for drinking, recreation, agriculture, and industry. It diminishes the aesthetic quality of lakes and rivers.

Nobody can escape the effects of water pollution.The individual and the community can help minimize water pollution. By simple housekeepingand management practices the amount of waste generated can be minimized.

Sollution on water pollution

The need for water pollution solutions
that work is growing intensely. Despite laws that are designed to protect our water from pollutants and contaminants, water pollution continues to be a very large part of our planet¶s peril.There are many laws in place to help protect the waters from pollution. However, enforcement of these laws is very slim.Since the ocean is a vast territory, many vessels are still discharging and dumping directly into our oceans and poisoning them with contaminants.

environmental police have taken charge of enforcing water pollution solutions. They have targeted everyone from delivery vehicles to the largest and wealthiest companies in the city. If more cities would follow suit, we would be well on our way to protecting our planet from intolerable water supplies.

Solutions To Water Pollution ± What You Can Do
Outside of enforcing the current laws and creating even tougher regulations to prevent the continued pollution of water, there are dedicated and relatively simple objectives
that everyone can participate in so that we can provide water pollution solutions to the average citizen. Simple steps like driving hybrid cars
and using
home water coolers
can reduce water pollution.
in any form can also create additional pollution. Conserving clean water supplies can be beneficial in many ways, including preventing the need for use of tainted water supplies For instance, if everyone supported

clean agriculture
there would no longer be a market for agriculture that is responsible for poisonous runoff and ground water pollution
. Cleanagriculture is...
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