Water Pollution: Causes and Types

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  • Published : July 26, 2010
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Poison Water
The consequence of polluting the earth is constantly ignored by human beings. Pollution is dangerous and harmful to both living things and the environment. Chemical waste, fertilizer and numerous additional are one of the most important affect which is leading us to damaging possessions of water pollution, Pollution should be condensed in order to make available a cleaner environment and generate healthy living environment and habitat for all life forms on earth. Water pollution also contains a distinct definition unlike the broad definition for pollution. The unambiguous definition for water pollution would be fertilizers and waste being dumped into the rivers, lakes, and oceans which pollutes drinking water and water for the fish and other living creatures. This definition of water pollution can be related back to the original meaning of pollution. Extra fertilizer is not being used, but instead being burned and dumped in to lake can be described as filth on Earth's land surfaces usually caused by human activities and their bad treatment of land resources. This definition too, can be linked back to the original definition.

A lot of the causes at this time were similar to some causes of the modern times. The similar cause is that the water is being contaminated by the sewage system (Industrial Revolution). In the 1800s, the wastes in the street were either washed to the rivers or moved to the rivers. This polluted the water for the creatures living within the lake. The same is happening now, just that a sewage drain has been installed, and the waste goes to the ocean rather than rivers or lakes. The final similar cause of pollution was manure and fertilizers in the farm plot (Industrial Revolution). The manure and fertilizer in the farm plot polluted the soil and therefore polluted the food that was growing out of it. In the present times, the nitrogen fertilizers find their way into the ocean and contaminate the water and thus harm the lives...
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