Water Pollution

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Charles W. Adams
BIO-220 Environmental Science
Trent McDowell
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Water Pollution
I. Introduction (your don't have to keep the outline format)
Clean water is a necessity to have in order to support a healthy environment. Care must be taken to protect our water sources from chemical plants, businesses, cargo and cruise ships, and people so that humans, animals, and marine life can have clean water.

II. Thesis Statement (this would be better if worked into the opening)
We must take care of the planets oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers by stopping water pollution because about seventy-five percent of our planet is water.
III. Water Pollution
A. Effects of Water Pollution
There are many effects from pollution that interfere with our planet's water. The term or meaning of water pollution is foreign material or matter deposited in the water as a result of human negligence. Water pollution does damage to the environment in many ways. It can be as simple as making humans, animals, or plants sick or it can be much more severe and cause death. Depending on the nature of the pollutant it can stay in the infected area for a few days or linger around for months or years(an in-text citation would help here). It can upset an entire ecosystem and cause a chain reaction of events that could disrupt or totally cripple an ecosystem. Water pollution could make species of an area infertile and wipe out entire species over time because of their inability to successful produce offspring. Water pollution can also cause deformities of species to be born. It can also lay waste to land where it can no longer grow plants or trees as food and shelter to humans and animals. Several diseases are caused by polluted water. One that I would like to mention here because of the regular use of it'sits (Its means it owns something. Its arm is blue. Its hat is neat. It owns a blue arm and it owns a hat. It's means it is. It's raining means it is raining). name is hepatitis which comes from polluted water. There are several more diseases to include cholera, dysentery, and typhoid which are the more common water-borne diseases that affect large populations in the tropical regions Do not list the URL in text: Instead use (edugreen.com, date) (http://edugreen.terires.in). Still other diseases to include would be diarrhea, respiratory infections, and encephalitis.

B. Causes of Water Pollution
The causes of water pollution vary and may be both natural and anthropogenic. However, the most common causes of water pollution are the anthropogenic ones which means humans are directly or indirectly responsible for them.(http://www.environmentalpollutioncenters.org, date). I will now list several of the causes of water and give brief descriptions of them.

B-1. Agriculture runoff.
This is the carrying of pesticides or other farm use chemicals into our rivers, streams, and lakes and results in algae growing and disrupting the natural ecosystem of the environment.
B-2. Storm water runoff.
The result of this is excessive rain water carrying oils and other chemicals into water sources therefore causing both natural and human induced pollution to the waters at the same time. Try to avoid one sentence paragraphs)

B-3. Leaking sewer lines.
This is a result of poor maintenance to sewer lines and raw sewage leaks into our water sources. This is perhaps the most dangerous form of pollution due to the health impacts it can present to humans. As noted earlier in this paper raw sewage is responsible to the spread of hepatitis to healthy humans from infected humans. (http://edugreen.teri.res.in).

B-4. Mining activities.
This is when mining companies crush rocks into small pieces. The residue left behind contains small metal pieces and sulfides which with precipitation converts into sulfuric acid and is then washed into our planets water sources with rainfall or other running water source....
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